What's Your Problem?

  • Is your tech getting you down?


  • Is the Geek Squad too geeky for you…or not geeky enough?


  • Is your WiFi not so Wi or Fi?


  • Does using your computer feel like you are mired in molasses?


  • Are you tired of cable and want to cut the cord?


  • Dreaming of a whole house music system, but don’t want to tear down walls?


  • …or how about lighting control and home automation without breaking the bank?

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Tech Palm Springs is me, Alan Kraemer (and my array of handy contractors). I have been solving home technology problems and puzzles for years in the Coachella Valley and Orange County. We specialize in simple, easy to use, cost effective solutions and friendly personal service.

Contact us today and we will get you all sorted out (technically speaking).


of our customers are fully satisfied. The other 2% were looking for a plumber...

How Do We Do It?

To Start

We start with you. What do you have, what do you want, what do you need in home technology? We can also do a bit of tech archeology for existing homes to determine what’s useable, what’s needed and what’s not. The overall goal is to make your tech life simple and reliable.


Once we have established your tech needs wants and desires we create a system design complete with a full list of required equipment and costs. This could include everything from network devices, to home entertainment, to lighting control. All of this is implemented with the most up to date and cost effective technology.

We then create a quote for both labor and material. There is no markup on equipment and labor can be quoted either as a fixed price or at an hourly rate. For smaller projects an hourly rate will apply.

Main Course

Your tech is served. At this point we deliver and install what we have created and designed together. Once installation is complete, we test, program and set up accounts on all devices from TV’s to smart speakers to light switches based on your requirements. More importantly, we teach you exactly how to use all of your new systems. We can also provide help and support with your existing devices such as computers, tablets and smart phones and integrate them with any new systems that have been implemented.


This is the best part. Your tech is installed, or your problem has been solved and it is time for you to just enjoy! Of course, we are always available for support and questions if something changes, or a problem comes up. Most of the time we can coach you through the issue on the phone or share computer screens with you to deal with the issue. If not, we will be there as soon as possible to help in person. You can always be comfortable that you have someone in your “tech corner” to back you up. Tech Palm Springs is there for you.